How To Order/How The Process Works

**Note: Not all requests are accepted**

Step 1: Fill out the “Request Consultation” form on the Jada From The Block site.

When I receive that “Request Consultation” form I will email you back to discuss your custom idea. (Response time is not always immediate, so please be patient.) **Please make sure your email address is correct before hitting submit.**

Step 2: When I email you, I will work with you to gather thoughts about your ideas and will then come up with a custom design (mock-up) and the best base shoe to use. (In most cases the customer is required to provide the shoe)

Step 3: Once a design is agreed upon and you are ready to place the order, you may request an invoice from Jada From The Block.

**Note: every custom is, well, custom and so is the quote. Typical price point should fall somewhere around the listed Tier price**

—–After this point any changes may result in extra fees to be determined on a case by case basis.——

Step 4: After payment is made, you can ship your shoes to the address located on the invoice (All shoes must be shipped with a tracking number and all shoes must be in new or almost new condition). Once the tracking status on your shoes says “delivered” you are welcome to contact me to confirm.

**From the time the shoes are received, the typical turn around time is between 4-6 weeks.**

Step 5: I will contact you when I finish your shoes and will provide pictures to make sure they are to your liking. (most of the time they look just like the mock ups).

**This is where payment must be made in order to be shipped**

Step 6: I will contact you through email when your package is on the way with the tracking number.

Request Consultation Form